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"Music is not what I do, it's who I am"


Chris “DJ Slice” Rodriguez is a Philadelphia area DJ whose life revolves around music.


From a young age, Chris spent his days listening to Freestyle, Hip Hop and R&B, and enjoyed the mixes of DJ AM, DJ Jay Ski and DJ Touchtone Over the years of his career Chris has evolved into a versatile DJ, spinning songs of all genres. His experience and passion for music elevates his performance sets, creating multiple opportunities.

“When I perform, my music takes me to a place where I can be myself without judgement or fear. I am never afraid to break the boundaries and I love creating mixes by melding different genres together. When I play music, I get to see how the audience appreciates my talents. Music sets people free, and I’m overcome with joy knowing that my life has a purpose by enriching the lives of others."


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"Music is not what i do, it's who i am"


-Chris "DJ Slice" Rodriguez    "Prince of Radio"

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