"Music is not what I do, It is who I am"


Chris “DJ Slice” Rodriguez is a Philadelphia area DJ whose life revolves around music.


From a young age, Chris spent his days listening to Freestyle, Hip Hop and R&B, and enjoyed the mixes of DJ AM, DJ Jay Ski and DJ Touchtone. Over the years of his career Chris has evolved into a versatile DJ, spinning songs of all genres. His experience and passion for music elevates his performance sets, creating multiple opportunities.

“When I perform, my music takes me to a place where I can be myself without judgement or fear. I am never afraid to break the boundaries and I love creating mixes by melding different genres together. When I play music, I get to see how the audience appreciates my talents. Music sets people free, and I’m overcome with joy knowing that my life has a purpose by enriching the lives of others."

In Wildwood circa 2000, DJ Slice started his career with a passion and dream. Over the following few years, Chris began to grow his reach eventually teaming up with DJ Master J and M&J Entertainment to perform at private parties and nightclubs. Years later, Coastal Broadcasting System offered him a position as a board operator where he eventually became live radio DJ on the station.


Chris moved to Philadelphia to further his career. That's when he met DJ TY of Unlimited Entertainment where he began to make a name for himself. Chris later on created Wow Factor Entertainment for one purpose, to allow his clients to have a "one stop shop" for their entertainment needs. To further his career, in 2016 he was offered the opportunity to host his own mix show live on 98.7 FM WCZT The Coast and sister station 106.3 FM The Shore WJSE. While on the airwaves  DJ Slice earned the title of "The Fresh Prince of Radio" given to him by the fans who loved him.


In 2016, DJ Slice won first place in the DJ Invitational by Foam ‘n’ Glow for the chance to perform with DJ 4B, Rainman, Brillz, and Swoosh & Twist in Wildwood, NJ. After his success with Foam ‘n’ Glow, DJ Slice was offered a spot to perform in front of 12,000 people on the beach at BeachGlow.

In 2017, The City of Wildwood awarded DJ Slice a plaque of appreciation for his dedication to his career, showing strength to have the ability to overcome a difficult childhood and finding success.


In 2018, DJ Slice performed at the March Freestyle Madness at The Block at Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia, with some of the music legends he grew up listening to as a child; Stevie B, Coro, K7/TKA, Peter Fontaine, and Rob Base. Following this event, DJ Slice entered the Corona Electric Beach “Battle for the Beach” competition for a spot at EDC Las Vegas, where an online voting system accounted for a portion of the competition. DJ Slice’s mix received the most votes out of the entire country.

In 2019, DJ Slice performed at the Old Skool Throwback party with more of his childhood music Icons like Johnny O, Cynthia and Rob Base. Soon thereafter, DJ Slice got the call of a lifetime! The King of Freestyle, Stevie B, asked DJ Slice to be his Official DJ (which would be the first DJ that Stevie B has ever had). But it did not end there, Stevie B offered DJ Slice a Director position of Royalty Radio, owned by the King of Freestyle. DJ Slice can now also include on his list of distinctions as a mix show host, West Coast radio stations; Rhythm 105.9,  iHeartradio Weow 92.7 and 100.9 fm The Heat. 

In 2020, DJ Slice received an email selected to be a guest mixer for SiriusXM's Pitbull's Globalization Channel 13! Recently, DJ Slice found his way back on Pitbull's Globalization SiriusXm, this time guest DJ'ing for Lazaro Mendez, better known by his stage name, DJ Laz. DJ Laz is also known for discovering Miami-Dade artist Pitbull . DJ Slice continues to show persistence and determination in chasing his dream, by touching one life at a time. His love for music has made it known that "no genre is safe". 


DJ Slice’s goal is to become a famous music influencer in the entertainment world and make an impact on “touching lives with positive vibes”. He continues to grow his brand and create experiences that are meaningful to himself and to his listeners.

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